When purchasing a tour with Southern Women Touring, Inc., you aren't just buying a vacation, you’re investing in an experience.  Since our tours are one-of-a-kind, and each has a different itinerary, the pricing differs with every tour.  Plus --- Our tours are designed to build your travel knowledge, NYC confidence and meaningful relationships in the process.  

Tour prices vary depending on length of stay and quality of hotel, Broadway seat selections and the number of James Beard/Michelin meals.  You are welcome to join a scheduled tour or contact us about how to design your own NYC tour that will hit the price points, time frame and cultural highlights most important to you and your group.  The nice thing about New York City is that it can be enjoyed and made accessible for anyone!

Typically, for a packed Thursday-Sunday tour --- including several group meals, group theater/entertainment events, and three double-occupancy hotel nights in a luxury or iconic Marriott Hotel (Category 8 or higher) --- we can keep the cost at $1499/person or less, based on the final tour design, which considers traveler input.   (If you wish to have a single hotel room, this is an option at a per night up-charge.)   Of course, there are a few additional expenses you will be responsible for covering:  typically, round-trip airfare, airport-hotel transfers, a few mini-meals, city transit and others, depending on final tour design.

Please contact us for more information about how to design and price your NYC tour!