Southern Women Touring, Inc. is designed to make New York City accessible in a way that best suits the traveling style, timing and expense of you and girlfriends, couples, families.....  Contact us to explore various ways we can help you enjoy New York City on your terms.  To get started, consider one of the following:

Tours for Women

Southern Women Touring, Inc. is designed for just that ---- “Southern” (in geography or attitude) women of all styles and backgrounds.  Any woman who wants to expand her horizons when exploring a new and somewhat overwhelming place --- namely, New York City (NYC) --- is welcome!  Whipping through the photos in the GALLERY under the TOURS section of this site will give you a sense of the City's energy and opportunity, if you're wondering what this experience might be like.   

We descend on NYC and engage it as a true New Yorker would.  We learn to understand it.  We practice how to navigate it as a group and on your own.   We find the special “one-of-a-kind” shops and adventures that only New Yorkers know to enjoy.

In short -- We take advantage of NYC’s many differences and ever-changing opportunities in food, culture, fashion, theater and just plain-old experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world in such an accessible way.  And, we do it as an intimate group of women who explore, engage, teach and laugh with each other through every experience, developing friends for life.  What could be more memorable!

Custom-Designed Tours for Your Group

Southern Women Touring, Inc. is also the perfect venue for creating a NYC tour for your group --- whether it's for your family, a group of college friends, a couples trip or a work group.  And our approach to the City can be designed to fit any budget, travel requirements, time frame or special cultural focus.  Custom-designed tours can either be accompanied with a guide from Southern Women Touring, Inc. or can be created as a detailed and fully vetted itinerary that you use as a road map to explore NYC on your own.  Simply contact us through the CONTACT link, and we'll be in touch to discuss options that might work for you.

We recommend working the City as New Yorkers would --- so being comfortable walking an average of 4 miles/day...about 2-3 hours total of daily walking….and being able to handle flights of 20 stairs at a time are recommended.  Of course, yellow cabs and other types of mass transit are available; but sometimes walking is the quickest and most efficient way to navigate the City.


 Growing up in Knoxville, TN, in the 1960s and 1970s was an ideal place for me to develop confidence and curiosity beyond the boundaries of my small city.  I always had an itch to learn about other places and cultures, which culminated in an AFS exchange program to Norway in high school and spending a year during college at a Munich university so that I could become fluent in German and be comfortable traveling through Europe on my own.  Upon college graduation, I headed to Congressman John Duncan, Sr.’s office in D.C. and then to work for Ross Perot’s EDS in Dallas for three decades.  (Think corporate jets, 2 million miles logged on American Airlines, leading global corporate functions.)  But, even with all that international travel experience, I still found NYC intimidating and….yes, a bit scary.  Yet, it was a place I wanted to conquer, to learn about, to grow to love.  So – With some good girlfriends, we set out to study NYC, beginning in 1991.  Since then, I’ve made a habit of being back in the City 3-4 times/year.  And, I push myself to learn something new about it each time.  At this point, there’s nowhere on earth I love more than NYC.  And, I want to help others explore, understand and love it as much as I do!